Hopkins & His Environments

A Free Virtual International Conference

We are sharing exciting news regarding our virtual Gerard Manley Hopkins International Conference, which will take place June 24 to 26, 2021.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to bring Hopkins into the age of virtual reality. The conference will appeal not just to scholars but to all lovers of Hopkins: no travel and attractive opportunities (including virtual tours of Hopkins’s own physical environments) available in no other way. We have received a record number of proposals from various parts of the world!

This is a free event. The conference is being sponsored by the Organising committee; there are no fees for this academic and cultural event.

Since 1998, we have celebrated Hopkins at Regis University (Denver, Colorado) and in various cities worldwide. We held our last conference at Roehampton University, London, in 2018. If we postpone the next gathering until 2022, it will mean a break of four years. This would be a pity. Thanks to Zoom and other platforms, universities, schools, governments, and major multinational corporations have managed to continue (and thrive) with virtual meetings, smart working, and distance learning. Therefore, we have planned to host a virtual conference in June 2021. We have made this decision as a precaution due to the unpredictability of COVID-19. Because the future is uncertain, we have to put first the health and well-being of all friends of Hopkins. There will be some planning and scheduling challenges, but in the interests of continuity, and the opportunity to exchange ideas about Hopkins’s writings, we are confident that a virtual conference is an excellent solution. Furthermore, it gives us an excellent opportunity to explore lots of new and engaging ways to bring Hopkins into everyone’s world.

Keynote speaker: Julia Saville, Professor Emerita, University of Illinois

Prof. Saville, the author of A Queer Chivalry: The Homoerotic Asceticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins (2000) and Victorian Soul-Talk: Poetry, Democracy, and the Body Politic (2017), is currently completing a study of the environmental ethics, and ecopoetics, underpinning the work of late nineteenth-century poets such as Hopkins and Thomas Hardy.

International Hopkins Conference Organising Committee:

Paul Kelly (Chair), Noel Barber S.J., Lesley Higgins, Jude Nixon, Frank Fennell Jr.

Registration is now closed. Registrations from today will be placed on a standby list in case of any cancellations.

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